Our Mission:

“We provide a forum for Life-Long Learning to Empower Women with Knowledge, Confidence, and Responsibility.”

The heart and purpose of the foundation is to support women’s financial literacy. We are committed to equip women to make wise financial choices with:

Knowledge: To increase familiarity and understanding of financial professionals, products and services, and to introduce financial resources and tools.

Confidence: To face financial challenges and take control of their financial security.

Responsibility: To achieve desired financial goals for themselves, their retirement, and their families.

The genesis of the Foundation is to support Economic Literacy for women in the community. We also recognize the importance Cultural Literacy. Culture and Art are among a community’s greatest assets and should be nurtured. We appreciate how vital that is to inspire, enrich and delight our lives.

“The ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.”
– Definition from The President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy

Who we are:

Our Members are a community of remarkable women from different backgrounds and life-stages, many being financially independent and responsible for their own financial planning and future.

• We are women who know money comes with responsibility.
• We are women who advocate for issues of importance to women and their families.
• We are women who share a passionate commitment to charitable causes.
• We are women who support each other’s personal and professional ambitions and successes.

“Wisdom is more precious than rubies.”

What we do:

Our programs provide women a supportive community and the education, information and tools we want and need to have honest conversations on shared experiences and the financial aspects of life issues such as divorce, down-sizing, career change, retirement, or entrepreneurship.

• Throughout the year we present a robust calendar of exclusive, original and lively educational, cultural and social programs, seminars, and workshops.
• We assemble a talented group of distinguished speakers for thought provoking conversations on timely topics and financial issues active in our lives every day.
• We have a passion to have fun while learning through programs that educate and entertain.
• Events are member exclusive. Throughout the year private receptions and select events may be open to non-members and friends, by invitation.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

– Ben Franklin