We had a wonderful young woman who is blazing her path in the Financial Services industry present “Women Rock Their Finances”. She shared with us a gift her family gave her when she was still in grade school. Her parents gave her the gift of “Honesty”. Yes, honesty. They shared a true assessment of the family finances with her and this charming young woman amused us that while her girlfriends were at the Mall shopping for music CD’s she was asking her parents to help her buy Financial CD’s. Her goal was to go to college and she knew she would bear the financial responsibility on her own. When necessary truths regarding family inheritances are spoken, the pain and resentments of false expectations and unanswered prayers are avoided. Ladies, make the opportunity to start conversations with the women in your lives and those you love to share information and experiences. There’s no greater gift than the financial security that comes from a strong financial plan to achieve your financial goals. Your financial future depends on the actions you take today.