Mark Renz, CFA, CIO, Socius Family Office

socius / ‘ / noun  1. partner, sharer; 2. companion, associate; 3. ally, confederate

The financial industry is not structured in a way to empower us to make better decisions for ourselves or our financial lives. The Financial Industry is based on sales and distribution of products, like a manufacturing industry not consultative advice like the healthcare industry. When hiring a Financial Advisor, are their interests aligned with yours? Are you being “sold”? “Transparency is the enemy of higher fees and higher revenue for fund managers,” declares Mr. Renz, who believes the investor is entitled to clarity and transparency from their Financial Advisors.

  • Do you know if your financial professional is an “o” Advisor or “e” Adviser or why that matters to you?
  • When was last time you had a second opinion on your investments and planning?
  • Who is looking out for your best interests besides you?

If knowledge is power, then a lack of knowledge is a lack of power. If you would like to have an honest conversation about whether your investment portfolio and planning is aligned with your intention and purpose for your wealth, Socius Family Office will make the complex simple and transparent. Make the decision to feel better about your financial affairs today. Contact Mark Renz at [email protected] or 561.267.0507.

For a limited time, Socius Family Office would like to extend a special discount to FWCEL members for their proprietary Forensic Portfolio Analysis. Get a second opinion on your investments and planning and see what you can do to improve your position.