49-sq-relative-150Cyberspace is this era’s greatest engine of change with its vast quantity of data available at the stroke of a key.
But you must be serious about safeguarding your personal and confidential information online. To use the internet in a more secure manner it is critical to change your passwords regularly.

Elizabeth Varian from Webmaster for Hire urges: “Its highly important to keep passwords secure and STRONG to keep your online data and profiles free from hackers. Passwords should not be birthdays or anything a scammer can get off an over-shared social networking profile. Password Generators are a good option.”

Use the internet with caution and good judgment. If you receive an urgent email from a long lost relative on vacation who had a passport and money stolen, and needs money wired immediately, take the time to do some due diligence and check it out. Don’t fall victim to online scams. www.WebmasterForHire.us