Economic Literacy

Why Economic Literacy?

Literacy is generally thought of as reading and writing, but economic and financial literacy is an equally important and essential life skill. Money has a language like anything else, and its critical to understand this language. Numbers tell a story, and economics translates that story. Money isn’t everything, but understanding it is.

Economic issues exert a powerful influence on our daily lives. When we talk about “economics” we think of the financial markets or the Federal Reserve’s latest move. But it’s really about gaining an understanding of the principles that apply to the choices and economic transactions we make during the ordinary business of Life.  Simply put, every life decision has an economic consequence.

Every woman will face at some point in her life the responsibility of making mature choices while navigating her own financial world. Each Life-Stage presents different challenges. Whether young or old, wealthy or in transition, married or not, women must be empowered to take ownership of their financial well-being. It’s really about how to make your life better, live a balanced and secure life with a dignified retirement in your golden years.

A financial fiasco can befall anyone. You never think it will never happen to you…until it does. Maybe you can relate. And if it does, are you prepared? How will you course-correct from a financial setback? Stressors come from not knowing and a lack of information.

The Foundation provides women a supportive community and the educational tools they want and need to start honest conversations that matter on their financial life from a position of knowledge, confidence and responsibility. Women are change agents, and the more informed we are as to how our financial world works, the better decisions we will make for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Knowledge is power, but not until it’s applied and acted upon.

We know that. Knowledge is Currency. The Foundation for Women’s Cultural and Economic Literacy programs are about money, how we think about money, and how it affects our world. We will help you build your knowledge so you may grow your wealth. We get away from textbook concepts and present this in context and in a range of creative ways. It’s less “Economics 101” and more “Life Lessons”. Because you matter.

“I think most people can learn a lot more than they think they can. They sell themselves short without trying. One bit of advice: It is important to view knowledge as a sort of semantic tree… make sure you understand the fundamental principles. The trunk and big branches, before you get into the leaves (the details) or there is nothing for them to hang on to.”

– Elon Musk, Entrepreneur & Inventor