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Our Calendar is filled with exceptional programs for our members to enjoy: engaging luncheon programs, seminars, lectures, private tours, social and cultural gatherings. The Foundation has established a track record of providing a robust curriculum on a range of issues important to our lives. Our community continues to grow and thrive!

In addition to Financial Education, our regular programs include  The Happiness Club: “Making Happiness A Choice” and “Without Health You Don’t Have Wealth”.

Foundation events are primarily for our Women Members. However, we welcome Guests and the Men in our lives to join us. Never hesitate to encourage a partner, friend, or family member to attend. Both Men and Women are welcome to join us. The choices you make today can determine how the rest of your life unfolds.

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Calendar – January & February 2019

Palm Beach
“Making Happiness a Choice”
SPEAKER: Elaine Pomfrey
DATE: Monday, January 14, 2019
TIME: Reception 5:00pm, Presentation 5:30 – 6:30pm

LOCATION: BICE Restaurant, 313 Peruvian Avenue, Palm Beach
COST: $20. Happy Hour & Presentation. Cash Only at Door. Credit Card payments accepted online.

“Creating Happiness through Meditation”

If you are holding your breath waiting for the holidays to end before you can relax, it’s time to learn meditation. If you constantly say to yourself, “Once this [fill-in-the-event] is over, I’ll start taking care of myself,” it’s time to learn meditation.

Why? Meditation gives you a respite from your hectic day. Just 20 minutes provides deep rest to the body. The stress hormone, cortisol, drops as much as 30% compared to about 10% during sleep, according to published research.

Your mind gets a break too. Brain wave activity is increasingly in the alpha frequency which indicates a restfully alert state. After meditation, you tackle problems with renewed energy and more importantly, broader awareness that allows you to create new solutions. And regular practice creates resilience.If this is the year you intend to learn to meditate, consider the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique because:

  • It is easy. No need to concentrate or count your breath. Even children can do it.
  • Individualized instruction. Personal attention from a certified instructor during and after the course.
  • Evidence-based. Research shows TM reduces anxiety, depression and improves health and brain function.

Celebrities stick with the TM technique year after year as a way to create inner contentment. Learn more about creating happiness through meditation from certified TM teachers, Elaine Pomfrey, M.A. and Ty and Zabrina Brodale, who together run Transcend, Palm Beach in the Palm Beach Towers building. As a group, they have over 30 years teaching experience and 50 years of meditation experience.

The Happiness Club is an educational, non-profit social group with the mission to promote the benefits of being happy and the powerful connection between emotional and physical wellbeing and the restorative power of the joy of living. Our motto is Making Happiness a Choice, and each month we feature an inspirational speaker. Our meeting is an uplifting opportunity to make new friends, connect with old friends, chat and share experiences. Cost for our Happy Hour includes hors d’oeuvres, one beverage, raffle, surprises and good vibes!  

Palm Beach
“Travel is the Secret to Happiness” & “Being Organized for Travel”
SPEAKERS: Laura Opdenaker & Laura Anthony Johnston
DATE: Wednesday, January 23, 2019
TIME: Reception 5pm, Presentation 5:30pm to 6:30pm
LOCATION: Bice Restaurant,  313 Peruvian Avenue, Palm Beach
Members No Cost. Guests $20. Happy Hour and Presentation
RSVP by January 22nd to

                             “Science proves that Travel is the Secret to Happiness”
“Being Organized for Travel Reduces Stress and Allows you to Fully Engage”

Experience Travel
Science has proven that Experience Travel Makes People Happy. You are away from the familiar and your senses are magnified. When your senses are heightened, you can have adrenaline filled experiences which are scientifically proven to seal memories deep into our subconscious. These are memories and feeling you will have for years to come. By experiencing other cultures you open your senses to new experiences, open your mind to new possibilities, and are motivated to approach life in new ways.

After an “aha” moment while traveling in Europe last year and a conversation with Melanie Cabot, founder of Happiness Club of Palm Beach, Laura Opdenaker was inspired to expand her business into “Experience Travel”. Laura is launching “La Dolce Vita Experiences” meaning “The Sweet Life” in Italian, which will offer customized experience visits for small groups of 10 and under, as well as for individuals, couples and friends who wish to step out of their “routine” and fulfill their wish, take their “Dream Trip” and create memories, bonds and experiences that will last a lifetime. 

Laura is an accomplished event and meeting planner, who has traveled extensively, lived abroad in Mexico, France, Italy and Monaco. She is fluent in Spanish, French and has knowledge of Italian. In 2019 she will be dividing her time between South Florida and Europe. She has held positions and worked with corporations, non-profits and individuals, such as Coca-Cola, UBS, Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, Rockefeller Family and J.P. Morgan. Throughout her career, planning and implementing complicated travel agendas, trips and special visits to foreign countries were included in her responsibilities and personally was the designated travel coordinator for friends and family.

The Happiness Club’s goal is to constantly bring new opportunities to our members that will create Happiness in their lives. With that in mind, we will be offering a special opportunity to our members to join a small group of 10 on a special visit to Monaco in March and/or April for an exclusive insider’s visit. Details to follow at the event.

Organizing for Travel
In preparation for your Dream Trip, it is important to be prepared, organized and efficiently packed so you can fully enjoy your travel experience. Laura Anthony Johnston came to that realization through her extensive travels on her own and with husband and children. She runs a successful organizing business, Clear Desk Organizing in South Florida and Nantucket. While working with clients, she realized there was a need and demand for “organizing for travel” and is currently working on her book. She is happy to share her tips and tricks to preparing, organizing and packing for your next Dream Trip! 

Laura has lived overseas in France, Italy and Spain and has a passion for travel and for organizing. She has learned that one thing which has helped her clients get organized is having a deadline, like going on a trip! By getting organized at home before leaving, her clients are able to more fully engage in their travel experience. Nothing makes Laura happier than going on a trip.
Presentation includes Prosecco and appetizers.

Guest Price

Palm Beach
“Many Paths to Happiness”
SPEAKER: Bobby Henebry
DATE: Friday, January 25, 2019
TIME: 12:30pm to 2:00pm
LOCATION: Bice Restaurant,  313 Peruvian Avenue, Palm Beach
Members $30. Guests $40. Lunch & Presentation

Each of us has many dreams that excite us, yet oftentimes we resist pursuing them for a range of reasons: Self-judgment, risk of “failure,” expectations from others, duty to family, duty to work, and the list goes on… We can become trapped in the inertia of our life, and setting a new course seems nearly impossible. This discussion is a free place to explore what excites you while working to remove the self-imposed barriers we all seem to carry with us. It will be interactive, and as engaging as you allow it to be. The world is a big beautiful place, and each of us has untapped potential that is waiting to shine once we let it!

Bobby Henebry, CFA is a partner at DM Capital, a long-only, concentrated investment fund. Bobby is also founder of HBCC, LLC, an advisor to blockchain startups, where he has also become a globally recognized speaker on blockchain. Previously, Bobby was a partner at SeaBridge Investment Advisors, advising wealthy individuals and family offices and raising $200M.

Bobby earned an engineering degree and MBA, both from Georgia Tech. He is a member of the Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF), and is very active in both the Middle East Leadership Academy (MELA) and Central Eurasian Leadership Alliance (CELA), serving as a facilitator in those regions. Bobby also LOVES music, and founded the YouTube channel Chord Savvy, a music education platform. He has traveled to over 50 countries.

Lunch Cost

Palm Beach
“Conversation with the Film Producer”
SPEAKER: Diana Davis
DATE: Saturday, January 26, 2019
TIME: 12:30pm to 1:30pm
LOCATION: Bice Restaurant,  313 Peruvian Avenue, Palm Beach
Members $30. Guests $40. Lunch & Presentation

Join usfor a luncheon conversation with Diana Davis, a savvy filmmaker who uses film for advocacy to bring awareness to important issues. She started a non-profit, MoviesMakingADifference, to produce inspiring socially conscious and commercial films that highlight social ills and injustice. Her film success allowed her to plow the proceeds back into the non-profit to give aid to the victims of the abuses she films.

Her film “Cathedral Canyon” won “Audience Choice for Best FeatureFilm” at the Palm Beach International Film Festival, “Best Feature Film” at the Jerome Film Festival, and “Special Recognition Award” at the Worldwide Women’s Film Festival. This film shined the light on the underreported abuses of the FLDS church in Arizona and Utah, and numerous offshoots all over the USA and Canada. It is a crime organization that masquerades as a church.

Her next film currently in post-production is Cult Cartel. This film was filmed inside Colorado City with actual survivors along with Hollywood actors. During this informal conversation over our scrumptious lunch, Diana will share how she accidently got into filmmaking, and remind us of the power and success our actions can have when we advocate for issues we care about.

During this informal conversation over our scrumptious lunch, Diana will share how she accidently got into filmmaking, and remind us of the power and success our actions can have when we advocate for issues we care about. 

Lunch Cost

Palm Beach
“How Behavioral Finance Influences Our Money Choices”
SPEAKER: Melissa Gannon
DATE: Monday, January 28, 2019
TIME: Reception 5:00pm, Presentation 5:30 – 6:30pm

LOCATION: BICE Restaurant, 313 Peruvian Avenue, Palm Beach
COST: Members No Cost. Guests $20. Happy Hour & Presentation.

“Behavioral Finance” is a relatively new field of study which looks at the reasons that influence the money choices we make. This is a growing study and gaining attention because investors are waking up to the fact that the market is inefficient, and people very often make irrational decisions, repeatedly, that hurt their portfolio returns. For example, why do we follow the crowd to buy a “hot” stock, or sell in a panic when the market drops? Behavioral Finance examines and attempts to understand biases in human behavior when it comes to money by applying psychological theories to economics. Understanding the herd mentality and breaking free of that is one of the best things we can do for our own finances. We’ll be introduced to other interesting insights into our behaviors and what makes us “tick” when it comes to decisions about money. We can overcome some of these biases by being aware of them, and adjusting our behavior to reflect more practical and rational behaviors.

Melissa Gannon is a Financial Planner at Castle Wealth Management in West Palm Beach. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Dayton and a Master in Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University. She passed her Series 65 Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam in April 2013 and earned her Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designation in April 2016. For more than 21 years, Melissa was the vice president of Weiss Ratings where she led the firm’s quantitative financial analysis of the nation’s insurance companies, banks and credit unions as well as the risk-adjusted performance of stocks, mutual funds and ETFs.
Presentation includes happy hour drink and appetizers.

Guest Cost

Palm Beach
Book Signing for “Parenting Across the Digital Divide”

DATE: Thursday, January 31st
TIME: 5:30pm to 6:30pm
LOCATION: The Palm Beach Bookstore, 215 Royal Poinciana Way, Palm Beach

Distinguished Psychologist Dr. Helen Boehm Decodes Impact of Tech, TV and the Internet on Our Families.
When we were growing up, we lived with parents and relatives in villages, cities, towns and suburbs. Today’s kids — many of whom are our own children and grandchildren — live with cyber connections in virtual neighborhoods and extended digital communities on the Internet. In her new book, Parenting Across the Digital Divide: A National Conversation on the Impact of Technology and Media on Our Families, Dr. Helen Boehm shines a light on new opportunities and challenges facing families in 2019, as they navigate a stunning and increasingly complex digital landscape. The risks and rewards of on-line media use on kids’ social and emotional development and the impact of virtual victimization, contagion of risky behaviors, bullying, sexualization and addiction, are among the many issues discussed.

About the Author
Who better to lead a national conversation about the impact of technology and media on families than Dr. Helen Boehm, a psychologist, television executive and author who consults with film and production companies on compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) children’s educational broadcast guidelines and advises schools, parent and health organizations and family offices. Dr. Helen has given testimony before the U.S. Congress on advertising to children, the impact of violence on young audiences and child exploitation. She headed broadcast standards at Viacom’s MTV Networks/Nickelodeon and at NewsCorp’s Fox Kids’ Network. A familiar parenting resource, on-air and on-line contributor, she is the author of two previous books, The Right Toys: A Guide to Selecting the Best Toys for Children and Fearless Parenting for the New Millennium, as well as numerous articles in magazines including Psychology Today, Working Mother and Redbook. Dr. Helen received her master’s and doctoral degrees from Columbia University. She and her husband, Riccardo, live in Palm Beach.

Loxahatchee Groves
“Wellness Program and Lunch at Dovecot Farm”

SPEAKER: Sarah Palmer
DATE: Saturday, February 2, 2019
TIME: 12:30pm to 2:30pm
LOCATION: Dovecot Farm, 2660 F Road, Loxahatchee Groves
COST: Members: $35. Guests: $45. Lunch & Presentation
RSVP and payment by January 31st.

Mark your calendars and plan to join us for this extraordinary and exclusive event!

We are invited to Dovecot Farm, an equestrian retreat only 40 minutes from Worth Avenue. The farm is a peaceful space, a hidden gem and beautiful farmhouse set on 10 acres of nature in Loxahatchee Groves. This lovely place provides a safe container to enable self-care and self-compassion, and is used as a retreat for learning and self-development for individuals, teams and corporate executives.

Sarah Palmer, the proprietress of Dovecot Farm is our hostess for this memorable luncheon and wellness experience:

“Here’s to Your New Year’s Resilience! Let’s make it our collective resolution to be ‘Resilient’- and sustain a lasting well-being in our changing world. If you are looking for techniques to create more calm and inner peace, this luncheon is for you.”

Sarah is a Resilience Coach who blends HeartMath breathing techniques, equine interactions and Mindfulness Coaching to help grow a core of harmony and happiness. You will learn techniques to build and sustain a new resilient you, whilst enjoying much needed time in nature on a horse farm. Awaken your natural intelligence, confidence and heart on a journey around the retreat. This program is non mounted, all the learning is from the ground. Bring an open heart plus your willingness to become grounded. Wear closed-toe comfortable walking shoes for our nature walk.


-Arrive at 12:30pm for an introduction to Sarah Palmer and Dovecot Farm.
-Lunch at 1:00pm with an introduction from Chef Alex Cheblal and Vegan Wagon
-Wellness Program and Nature Walk after lunch

Chef Alex

Our delicious and nutritious lunch will be provided by Chef Alex Cheblal and his company Vegan Wagon. During lunch he will share with us his knowledge of plant-based nutrition, which is informed by Functional Medicine, Integrative, and Holistic practitioners, as well as the local, organic farmers in Palm Beach county with whom he partners. Chef Alex created Vegan Wagon to bring gourmet food to your door that will nourish your health while making your taste buds smile. Vegan Wagon offers Chef Alex’s Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Organic, locally sourced meals delivered fresh every week from a unique ever-changing menu that highlights the variety and complexities of plant-based cuisine. These meals are prepared following a plant-based protocol which emphasizes organic, raw, sprouted, and gluten-free ingredients using filtered water. This is the future of sustainable living and preventive medicine. Originally from Ferney-Voltaire, on the French/Swiss border, he honed his craft the old fashioned way, apprenticing with renowned master chefs in France, Switzerland, the United States, and Japan. Inspired by these international flavors, Chef Alex creates a new menu every week, communicating the variety and complexities of plant-based cuisine.

Message from Sarah Palmer…

Welcome. I am the Co-Founder & Chief Compassion Officer at Dovecot Farm. An avid explorer, I have lived and worked in six different countries across three different continents. My journey started in West London. I grew up in an unusually international environment as my parents hosted visitors from all corners of our diverse planet. From Barcelona to Tokyo, we welcomed student guests into our London home over a decade. Throughout my childhood, we went on a month long summer vacation to Andalucía, Southern Spain. In the 1970’s, we would drive along the coast from Malaga in the direction of Jerez de la Frontera. We often stopped at the town of Tarifa, the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. I would gaze onto the Atlas mountains, & exclaim, “Africa!”

Twenty years later, my career in advertising took me on a journey leaving Europe to spend a decade working in South Africa, Nigeria and United Arab Emirates. I do believe that my curiosity is ignited in unknown terrains. It is my change agent mindset, & skill-set to create resilience that I bring to this corner of the world: USA. Now based in Florida with my husband and sons, I am proud to call the USA my home & country.

As a collaborative, solution-focused Life Coach, I believe coaching is an adventure worthy of exploration. Coaching is not about reaching a destination. Coaching too is a journey. I am proud to introduce an emerging experiential form of coaching – Equine Facilitated Learning & Coaching. I am truly grateful to have horses play a significant part in my life and as partners in my coaching practice.

Lunch Cost

Palm Beach
“Making Happiness a Choice”
SPEAKER: Jianny Adamo, LMHC, LPC
DATE: Monday, February 4, 2019
TIME: Reception 5:00pm, Presentation 5:30 – 6:30pm

LOCATION: BICE Restaurant, 313 Peruvian Avenue, Palm Beach
COST: $20. Happy Hour & Presentation. Cash Only at Door. Credit Card payments accepted online.

“Art, Tango & Love”

Just in time for Valentines, Jianny will be dancing the passionate rhythm of Argentine Tango and reading from her recently published book From Love Trauma To Fearless Love, which ranked Amazon’s #1 new release for three weeks Fall 2018. This event promises to be an engaging evening of performance and presentation.

Jianny Adamo is a psychotherapist, author, speaker, and the founder of Fearless Love Counseling and Coaching. With a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Nyack College, NY, Jianny spent the last 14 years immersed in the study of human behavior, relationship dynamics, and spiritual theory. She’s on mission to educate, empower, and enlighten individuals and couples to heal their heart’s wounds, to live free from the pain and powerlessness of the past, and to create safe and intimate marriages and Fearless Love.

Jianny was named Relationship Coach of the Year 2017 by Women in Ecommerce of South Florida. She’s a member of the Palm Beach County Counselors Association and is featured in various publications including MSN,, Bride, Glamour, PsychCentral,, Bustle, OnMogul, and eHarmony.

From Love Trauma To Fearless Love delves into a dark and provocative tale of secrets, lies, and betrayal, unearthing the author’s own traumatic experiences at the hands of a narcissist, and ultimately revealing the valuable lessons, blind spots, and red flags others can identify in hopes of side stepping the web spun by a narcissist. It also encourages survivors to move through their journey of healing and to reinvent Fearless Love over their lives.

Jianny enjoys dancing Argentine Tango and will dance for a cause to support victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Find out more about her work, visit

For more information and to download the free excerpt visit:

The Happiness Club is an educational, non-profit social group with the mission to promote the benefits of being happy and the powerful connection between emotional and physical wellbeing and the restorative power of the joy of living. Our motto is Making Happiness a Choice, and each month we feature an inspirational speaker. Our meeting is an uplifting opportunity to make new friends, connect with old friends, chat and share experiences. Cost for our Happy Hour includes hors d’oeuvres, one beverage, raffle, surprises and good vibes!  

Palm Beach
Upcoming February 2019 Events Include:

Outsmart the Scammers
Our presentation will address the red flags that could indicate a fraudulent encounter. We will also share resources individuals can turn to in the event they or a loved one are targeted, and steps attendees can take now to help protect against fraudulent activity.

Estate Planning for Women: Learning From the Mistakes of Celebrities
This engaging session is designed to expand your estate planning knowledge, and maybe provide a little entertainment also.  Many celebrities don’t take time to plan accordingly.  All too often after the death of an iconic figure, we learn of estate planning missteps could have been easily avoided years of court battles or cost their heirs millions of dollars.

Women in Transition: Why Women Need Their Own Power Team
Are you in transition in your life, a widow or just want to take control and be more involved in decisions? Join us to discuss who you need in life and on your “team” to support you, guide you, advise you, and cheer you on!

Preparing Your “Family Love Letter”
Many estate planners are encouraging their clients to prepare “Family Love Letters” to help guide their loved ones through one of life’s most difficult and confusing times. This document provides a single place to record all of the legal, financial and personal information needed when a loved one’s life ends. By putting all these essentials in one place, you’ll be getting your house in order for those you love.

Introduction to “FACTS: Court Watch”
FACTS stands for Families Against Court Travesties, Inc.  This organization monitors family courts and legal personnel for the community. Trained Court Watchers attend hearings, primarily high-conflict family court cases. Their most important task is to show families they are cared about, and their presence in the courtroom during hearings encourages professional, family-friendly actions from lawyers, judges, and other court personnel involved in the family court system.


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Some of our Past Events

Monthly Evening Reception
“Making Happiness a Choice”. Monthly Inspirational Speakers. The Happiness Club is an educational non-profit social group within the Foundation with the mission to promote the benefits of being happy. Positive emotions have been linked in scientific studies with better health, longer life, and overall well-being. Without health, you don’t have wealth. More at   

Reception & Presentation
“Social Security is Here for the Long Haul”

Reception & Presentation
“Hot Topics for Unmarried Couples and Cohabitating Partners”

Reception & Presentation
“Encore: Work, Volunteer and Educational Opportunities for People over 50”

Reception & Presentation
“Ask Robert Seibel, Esq.: The Women’s Profit”

Breakfast & Presentation
“What the 2018 Tax Law Means to You & Becoming a Florida Tax Resident”

Wine Tasting & Conversation
“Merlot & Money Management for Millennials”

Luncheon & Workshop in New York City
“The 5 Money Types”

Luncheon & Seminar
“Financial EmPOWERment Strategies for Women”

Reception & Presentation
“BANKRATE: Managing Your Credit Identity”

Luncheon & Conversation
“Perception vs. Reality: Investing for today and beyond”

Special Presentation
“The Equifax Security Breach: Safeguarding You Financial Information”

  Luncheon & Seminar
“Credit and Women: Managing Your Financial Identity”

Luncheon & Seminar
“Women & Retirement: Are You Ready to Retire?”

Luncheon & Conversation
“What Women want from Wall Street”

Luncheon & Seminar
“Understanding Estate Planning”

Series of 3 Morning Workshops
“Financial Managers: Who is Actually Investing Your Money Day-to-Day;
Investing Basics; Diversification Basics”

Luncheon & Seminar
“Making the Complex Simple: How the Financial Industry Works and
What They Don’t Tell You About Fees.”

Art Gallery Talk & Reception
“Taglialatella Galleries Introduction to Enjoying and Collecting Fine Art”

Luncheon & Seminar
“Thinking Strategically About Divorce: What Women Need to Know About Protecting Themselves”

Luncheon & Seminar
“How to Choose a Wealth Advisor: Key Questions to Ask”

Luncheon & Seminar
“Women and Philanthropy: Planning your Legacy”

Cocktail Reception & Seminar
“Cyber Security and On-Line Banking”

Luncheon & Seminar
“Women Rock Their Finances: Five Steps to Financial Security”

Cocktail Reception & Seminar
“10 Key Habits of Financially Successful Women”

Luncheon & Seminar
“Girls Rock their Finances: A presentation tailored for Young Ladies and their Mothers or Grandmothers about Financial Security.”

Luncheon & Seminar
“Lives in Transition: Financial Stability for Widowed or Divorced Women”

Technology Workshop
“Technology Literacy: Sharpen your “i” Device skills to be more technologically agile”

Luncheon & Seminar
“Preparing a Family Love Letter: Vital Information for your Family in a Time of Confusion”

Private Tour & Lunch
Behind the scenes tour of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Miami Branch

Luncheon & Seminar
“Holiday Stress: Without Health there is no Wealth. Tips to help you “Keep Calm and Carry On

Holiday Party
Holiday Champagne Reception

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles by it.”

-Margaret Fuller