Founder's Message

Welcome to the Foundation for Women’s Cultural and Economic Literacy!

We are a community of women who appreciate financial and cultural education that refine our life skills. Our goal is to provide a forum for life-long learning by presenting programs with primarily a financial focus, where we can discuss financial issues in an authentic and honest way, and which add value to women’s lives. Our programs empower women through education to sharpen our understanding of economic issues active in our lives and make meaningful social and professional connections in an enjoyable environment.

The genesis of the foundation arose out of a series of Luncheon Conversations between my friends and acquaintances in the community. We gathered to discuss how we might engage to strengthen our community through mindful philanthropy. Women can make a difference as change agents when we tap into our power.

From these elegant but informal gatherings, our conversations shifted to various financial topics important to women. Many of the ladies were going through similar challenges and wrestling with getting a grasp on their financial matters. Some felt unable to answer the most basic questions about their finances. I had to confess I also had questions about financial matters, notwithstanding my first-rate higher education.

I was blessed to be raised with a life of privilege and affluence. Money and finances were not discussed in our family, and I was unprepared for the responsibilities that came from an increasingly complex financial landscape. Ironic given that my father had been the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston at one time in his illustrious business career.

I have not been immune to financial failures and missteps. In hindsight, I could have been spared from a serious financial quagmire if I had the benefit of crucial information and proper fiduciary guidance. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve learned from them, and I’m not uncomfortable discussing them. Live and learn. Fall and get back up.

The truth is basic financial education and economic literacy remains rather elusive in our culture. There is a critical lack of formal education about money and finances. Women in particular are under-served. Where do we turn for financial education later in life?

I began to see a need.

I was motivated to channel my creative energy to raise awareness on the importance of women’s financial empowerment. With that I jettisoned the traditional attitude towards money management I had been raised with because A Man is Not A Financial Plan, and learned all I could to gain Financial Fluency over my personal financial life.

I then started this foundation out of a passionate commitment to provide a forum for engagement and conversation. My family has a long and rich history of philanthropic giving and family members are encouraged to be generous, share our blessings, and actively participate in making this a better world.

Generously and graciously weaving my time, talent and treasure, I created a place where we can approach money issues intelligently and confidently, where we can take ownership of our financial well-being.

Today the foundation provides our members an enjoyable atmosphere to learn and share empowering financial knowledge and cultural events to enrich and delight our lives. We support one another to succeed and build lasting friendships with other fabulous women – and men – who are willing to share their advice and experiences.

Through my years of involvement in the community and with philanthropy I have cultivated relationships with a network of trusted advisers and renowned experts and many amazing people who support our efforts.

We invite them to present High-Quality Workshops and Seminars to educate, enrich and empower women’s lives. We thank them for their generosity and support.

There’s no need to be overwhelmed by money and financial decision making. We are here to help.

Our Mission is this: To empower women to create the quality life they desire by basing economic decisions from a position of knowledge, confidence, and responsibility.

When women succeed, everyone benefits.

I invite you to join us!
Melanie Cabot

“It’s not your Blue Blood, your pedigree or your college degree. It’s what you do with your Life that counts.”  Margaret Fuller, Marchesa Ossoli, American Author and Educator


“RECOVERY”  2010
Grainger McKoy (1947-)
Stainless Steel.
Four Arts Sculpture Garden.

“This sculpture represents the right wing of a Pintail duck in its recovery stroke: the moment of the bird’s greatest weakness in flight, yet also the moment when it gathers strength for the journey ahead.”

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” – II Corinthians 12:9